Check Out This Dope Elgato Teleprompter for Creatives

Teleprompters can be invaluable tools for creatives looking to do some talking head work on their own. The problem is that decent ones can be incredibly expensive.

They are also often large and difficult to use. Or, you can go to the other side and get something that holds a phone but now you are limited to whatever app and the cheap construction to get the job done. Elgato might have split the difference in the best way.

Senpai Gaming picked up the new Elgato Prompter that has its own small built-in monitor and wants to find out if it is the best option for most creatives.

It can be connected directly to your computer and that unlocks so many other opportunities for using this teleprompter. Here are his favorite use cases.

1. Reading Text

The most obvious use is to throw up text or a script on the prompter so you can read without looking away from the camera.

This is what teleprompters are know for and the good news is that this is handled very well. Start here if you need a prompter.

Elgato Prompter

Image Credit: Elgato

2. Zoom Calls

When you are on a conference call you will notice that nobody is actually looking at anyone else.

Everyone is looking at their computer screen even though the camera is off to the side or top of the computer.

Moving the Zoom screen to the teleprompter brings back eye contact and actually looks like you are paying attention to what is going on.

3. Camera Monitor

Another simple idea is to use the prompter as a camera monitor.

You will want to look at your screen to see how the footage is looking during the take and with the prompter you will never need to look away.

He even configured a shortcut with a StreamDeck that allows him to quickly swap between the camera and the script at any time. This is actually underrated for other reasons.

Often when you are setting up lights it can still be hard to see how it will fall on your face since you will always be turning away to look at the monitor. This is a real preview of the final shot.

4. Twitch Chat

This is more for game streaming, but Elgato has a native Twitch chat function. This means you can read the comments without looking away from the camera.

The design is nicely handled and it comes with plenty of options for using different cameras and configurations. The default is using the FaceCam Pro.

It then has an L-bracket with the ability to mount different webcams, smartphones, or even a full-size camera. Alternatively, it has step-up lens rings for attaching directly to the lens.

Elgato Prompter Side

Image Credit: Elgato

He puts the camera on the L-bracket so he can bring the camera even closer to the front and get a cleaner view. This can scale from a simple setup up to a professional camera.

The only thing he may want in the future is a larger one. For today the Elgato Prompter might be the most reasonable and well-featured teleprompter option for all kinds of creators.

What do you think about the Elgato Prompter?

[source: Senpai Gaming]

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