Building a collaborative Retail Metaverse on GMetri.

A warm wizard welcome! We bring to you a new wizard to get you started with creating a retail metaverse experience.

This wizard helps you create a customized virtual room that you can walk around in, and invite your friends and coworkers to explore different retail offerings. It can be used to sell or exhibit your products and embed it on your website to make a more engaging way to interact with your brand.

This powerful utility will help you create your first retail metaverse experience by filling a simple form and publish it. You will have to populate the experience with your brands and products via our simple authoring tool.

Sounds exciting, right? Here’s a sample experience we built using this tool ourselves. Go ahead and click ‘Start’ below to check it out.

You can use the WASD or the arrow keys on your keyboard to walk around, and your mouse to look around. This experience is compatible with mobile phones and VR headsets as well.

Let’s get started.

Alright, so let’s go ahead and see how you can create your retail metaverse within minutes. Follow these steps to get your first Metaverse experience:

Step 1: Sign-up for a GMetri account here. This experience is one of many wonderful things you can create using the GMetri toolkit.

Step 2: Open up the wizard form, and enter your email and API token.

You can find your API token on the GMetri platform landing page once you sign-in. The video below will help you find this.

Step 3: Prepare your assets. Your experience consists of your posters, logo and introductory text. Below you’ll find a handy experience with the image / video sizes and dimensions clearly marked. This will help you create your assets in advance. Make sure to compress your assets so people can load your experience faster!

Hit ‘Start’ below to see the helper experience with all asset dimensions.

Step 4: Complete the form. Upload your logo, posters and type in the introductory text.

Step 5: Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email with a link to your metaverse experience. The experience you built is fully customizable on the GMetri editor. The email we sent you has a direct link to editing this as well.

Step 6: Open the editor and populate each of the vignette spaces to suit your requirement. Here is a video of how you can customize the different vignette spaces and link them to your product pages.

And that’s it, you are done! You have now created and updated your custom retail metaverse.

Join us, and our growing community of developers, designers, thought leaders, business owners and creative minds on discord and learn about the inspiring work on the GMetri platform.

You can also share your experience and earn credits which can win you free metaverse minutes, licenses, swag and much more.

GMetri is a powerful web-based toolkit with several features like gamification, e-commerce integration, collaboration and much more. You can find the full feature-set here.

Here are some cool ideas to customize your experience further:

  • Idea 1: Add a 3D model of your products.

    Our inbuilt product card features the ability to view 3D models of your product. Upload a GLB model of your product to view it. Check out this video to see how to add it and what it looks like.

  • Idea 2: Enable lead generation, and deployment analytics to track people visiting your experience.

    It might be important to collect names, emails or phone numbers so you can get back in touch with your visitors in the metaverse. GMetri’s built-in lead generation feature will make this a breeze to set up. Instructions to enable this here. Access analytics here.

  • Idea 3: Integrate your e-commerce platform

    You can easily integrate your e-commerce platform to GMetri and populate your product card information real-time and also add products to cart right within the experience. Here is the tutorial on how to do it.

    (E-commerce integration needs a paid license and addons to function. Licenses start at $24 per month. See full pricing here.)

That’s it folks! You now have your very own retail metaverse experience built on GMetri. You can go ahead and share the newly created experience with your team and clients and drive engagement. Share it with us on discord to win free licenses and much more.

Happy building the metaverse!

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