BOBOVR S3 Pro, Shootball & More

After this week’s VR games and hardware news? Here’s what you may have missed:

We’ve nearly reached the end of January and the news hasn’t slowed down. With hardware, Apple Vision Pro is estimated to have reached around 200k preorders, Meta reportedly suspended its partnership with Tencent while also preparing for easier viewing of iPhone ‘spatial videos’ on Quest. Mark Zuckerberg denies that he’s pivoting away from AR/VR for AI, while Immersed’s Visor opened preorders.

With VR gaming, Resolution Games announced an official D&D game, Dead Hook is going multiplatform, Project Demigod got a release date, Ghosts of Tabor hit $10 million revenue, Synth Riders dropped the Electro Swing Essentials 2 pack, Hunt Together launched on Quest, Rec Room is skipping PSVR 2, ArcSine is coming to PC VR, while Lawn Mowing Simulator VR got announced. We also reviewed UNDERDOGS and Demeter: The Asklepios Chronicles and interviewed the Arcade Paradise VR developers.

As always, there’s a lot of news, so we’re highlighting a handful of stories we couldn’t cover before. Here’s a few more VR updates:

BOBOVR Reveals S3 Pro Head Strap

Following on from the M3 Pro, BOBOVR revealed a new brand new Quest 3 head strap called the S3 Pro. Featuring built-in air conditioning and a 10000mah swappable battery, BOBOVR states they’re also planning to launch a “super charging stand” by the end of Q1 2024.

Following on from Super Rumble, Citadel and more, Meta’s latest Horizon Worlds game is Shootball. Placing you into 2v2 matches, this mixes Rocket League with first-person shooter, shooting the ball into the goal with your gun to score.

Beat The Beats Is A New VR Boxing Rhythm Game, Demo Coming Soon

Parallel Circles revealed Beat the Beats, a new VR rhythm game with a fitness focus that uses real boxing moves like jabs, hooks, uppercuts, rolls and blocks. Featuring global leaderboards, unlockable genres and b-sides for songs, that reaches PC VR and PSVR 2 later this year, and a Steam Next Fest demo will be available from February 5-12.

C-Smash VRS Adds Global Leaderboards And New Accessibility Features

C-Smash VRS, the VR reboot of SEGA’s Cosmic Smash, received a new update on PSVR 2. Global leaderboards are now available for the Stage Select, Journey and Infinity modes, letting you filter this to highlight PSN friends. New accessibility features like a one-handed mode were also added.

Track Craft Received A Multiplayer Update

Following last year’s early access launch, mixed reality racer Track Craft adds multiplayer in its latest update, letting you join rooms and race with up to 6 people. Brainz Gamify tells UploadVR that in-game voice chat is coming “in the upcoming weeks,” with further updates planned across 2024. Multiplayer arrives today on Quest.

Other Updates

Looking for even more VR news stories? Here’s what else we’ve seen this last week:

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