BLAZAR Remus 1.5x Anamorphic Lens Series Announced

BLAZAR Remus 1.5x Anamorphic Lens Series Announced

BLAZAR, previously known as Great Joy, has just announced a new set of 1.5x anamorphic lenses: the Remus series. At launch, the lens set consists of three focal lengths: 45, 65, and 100mm. With a physical length of only 9-12 cm and a weight of around 750g/1.65 lbs per lens, the Remus series are amongst the most compact and lightweight 1.5x anamorphic lenses on the market. So, let’s take a closer look at these compact “vintage-looking” lenses!

BLAZAR is a Chinese lens manufacturer mainly known for their budget-friendly anamorphic lenses, previously sold under the Great Joy brand. Last year, the company released multiple 1.8x anamorphic lenses, including 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm, which all cover full-frame image sensors.

BLAZAR is now back with a new compact set of 1.5x anamorphic lenses: the Remus series.

The BLAZAR Remus series

BLAZAR Remus 1.5x anamorphic lens series – features

At launch, the BLAZAR Remus series of lenses consists of three focal lengths: 45mm T2, 65mm T2, and 100mm T2.8. All lenses have a constant 1.5x squeeze and cover full-frame image sensors.

All lenses will be available in either Canon EF or PL mount, but the lens mount is user-swappable. Furthermore, you’ll have the choice between a Blue flare version and an Amber flare one.

The BLAZAR Remus 45mm T2
The BLAZAR Remus 45mm T2. Image credit: BLAZAR.

According to BLAZAR, the lenses weigh 720g (45mm), 782g (65mm), and 788g (100mm). Additionally, they have a physical length between 9cm/3.54in and 12cm/4.72in, and a focus throw rotation of 150°.

The BLAZAR Remus 45mm T2 on a Bolex H16
The BLAZAR Remus 45mm T2 on a Bolex H16. Image credit: BLAZAR.

Lens design

The lens design of the 45mm T2 consists of twelve elements in ten groups, the 65mm has ten elements in nine groups, and the 100mm features eleven elements in nine groups. The aperture diaphragm has sixteen blades.

All lenses have an outside diameter of 80mm for clamp-on matteboxes and a front filter diameter of 77mm. Interestingly, all lenses have quite close focus capabilities: the 45mm has a minimum focus distance of 68cm/2.23ft, the 65mm is 69cm/2.26ft, and the 100mm is 71cm/2.32ft.

Image credit: BLAZAR

Price and availability

The BLAZAR Remus series will be available as a lens set for $2800, but we don’t have any availability information yet.

For more information, please visit BLAZAR’s website here.

What do you think about these three anamorphic lenses? Have you already shot with Great Joy or BLAZAR lenses? Would you consider adding them to your lens kit? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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