Best Accessories to Load Your Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Embark on a journey of ultimate refinement with our carefully curated collection of must-have accessories for your Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro. Elevate every ride with a touch of excellence, as we bring you a selection of premium additions from renowned brands. From the brilliance of auxiliary lights to the commanding presence of an aftermarket horn, the convenience of saddle racks, the versatility of a top box, the practicality of a soft luggage system, to the seamless integration of a mobile mount – this guide unveils the art of accessorizing for the modern rider. Indulge in a world where form meets function, where every detail is an enhancement, and ride with unparalleled style and efficiency. Explore this array of top-tier accessories that promise not only quality but an invitation to redefine your Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro experience.

Best Accessories you can buy For Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro 

GR 70X 

The very first thing you can put on your newly bought Tiger 900 Rally Pro is a beautiful set of aux lights, which is going to help you a lot during night rides. Stock headlamps are good for nothing, and if you have an issue riding in low light, then GR 70X is your best pick. 

GOLDRUNWAY Designs presents a comprehensive array of auxiliary LED lighting systems tailored for the expanding adventure motorcycle sector, ensuring a secure and confident experience during nocturnal trail rides. Featuring a U3 LED emitter with a crisp 6500 Kelvin, the lighting system is equipped with a fully dimmable switch, allowing users to effortlessly adjust brightness from 5% to 100%. Additionally, the system offers three strobe modes to cater to diverse preferences.

Crafted with precision, the lighthouse material comprises hard-anodized CNC 6063 pure aluminum, ensuring durability and reliability on every adventure. With a 4.2″ diameter, this high-performance auxiliary LED lighting system from GOLDRUNWAY Designs is priced at Rs 45,500, providing motorcycle enthusiasts with an exceptional lighting solution for their nighttime trail escapades.

Zana Saddle Stay

If you are planning for a long ride on your Tiger 900 Rally Pro, then you need a good set of saddle stays to hold your luggage solution. Be it hard panniers or soft, you will need a saddle stay to hook them on your bike. Zana offers an affordable set of saddle racks, which comes with a price point of Rs 7,999. The accessory comes in an aluminum finish and is compatible with the Tiger 900 series; you can buy it from their official website. 

Radiator Guard 

Next on the list is the Radiator Guard; the bike doesn’t come with a metal guard, and you have to purchase one before it gets damaged by an uninvited piece of rock while you are riding on the highways. Radiators are on the front-facing road, one of the most vulnerable body parts. 

Revitalize your motorcycle’s style while safeguarding its radiator and engine with the Zana Radiator Guard in Silver. Precision-crafted for fashion and function, this guard shields against sand and stone damage. The heavy-duty Aluminum material not only adds strength but also enhances the overall aesthetic. Priced at just Rs 3999, the Zana Radiator Guard is the perfect blend of protection and style for your ride.

Phone Mount 

Unfortunately, the Triumph Tiger 900 series doesn’t come with support for Android Auto or Car Play, and to keep you on the right track, you will need a reliable smartphone mount that is going to hold your phone and help you track your destination. 

Discover enhanced convenience in your biking journey with the Quad Lock Handlebar Mount Pro, priced at Rs 8999. Meticulously crafted from CNC-cut black anodized aluminum, it seamlessly combines style and functionality with a discreet cable route for USB charger cables. The package includes essentials like 1x Quad Lock Handlebar Mount PRO, 4x Bar Spacers, 1x Allen Key, and 1x M5 x 35 Black Screw, ensuring easy installation. Compatible with all Quad Lock Cases & Universal Adaptors, this mount, made of durable materials like black anodized CNC machined aluminum and black stainless steel hardware, adds a touch of practicality to your biking setup.

Motorcycle Vibration Dampener Quad Lock

Motorcycle handlebars are very dangerous for smartphone cameras, especially the ones with OIS. It’s one of the parts that comes with a lot of vibration and cause hampering your smartphone’s camera. A Vibration Dampener is a must-buy to eliminate the danger. Combat the impact of motorcycle vibrations on your smartphone’s image stabilization with the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener, priced at Rs 2399. Ensure a stable and secure smartphone mount on any motorcycle, enhancing your on-the-road experience.

Monokey Trekker Outback 58L Black Top Case – Givi

Unleash unparalleled storage and versatility with the Monokey Trekker Outback 58L Black Top Case by Givi, priced at Rs 59899. Crafted from durable aluminum, this motorcycle case boasts a substantial 58-liter capacity, designed for rear placement without the need for a specific attachment system. It is compatible with any motorcycle model on the market and seamlessly attaches using a MONOKEY plate.

This top case is available in two versions: 42 liters and 58 liters, with the latter accommodating two modular or full-face helmets. True to the OUTBACK line, it features a flat lid with four strap loops, allowing additional items or bags to be securely stored on top. The inside contents can be further secured using the elasticated net, sold separately, providing a comprehensive solution for both storage and transport needs on the road.

GRT720 Canyon Saddle Bags – Givi

Elevate your Tiger 900 Rally adventure with the GRT720 Canyon Saddle Bags by Givi, priced at Rs 52,799. This pair of water-resistant MONOKEY side bags, with a combined 25+25-liter capacity, is meticulously designed for off-road Enduro motorcycles. The bags feature the Monokey fitting system, ensuring compatibility with tubular side case holders. 

What sets the GRT720 Canyon apart is its versatility and security. Equipped with the Security Lock key, it can be unified with the top case and toolbox, if required, using the SL102-SL103-SL105 kits. The side loops on these bags allow for customizable configurations, adapting to various loading needs. Whether it’s short day trips or extensive journeys, the GRT720 Canyon proves its mettle with the option to add the GRT722 for additional side loading. Withstanding heavy rain and extreme conditions, these saddlebags are the epitome of durability and functionality, making them an essential choice for enhancing your Tiger 900 Rally experience.

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