AWE EU 2023 Suggestions for Healthcare Professionals

AWE EU 2023 in Vienna, Austria on October 24-25 will feature numerous talks throughout the agenda related to immersive tech utilized in industries related to healthcare, medicine, fitness, and overall wellness. In addition to these presentations, there will be booths of interest to healthcare professionals in the expo hall.

Suggested Sessions

A New Chapter in Telemedicine: ARMED and IMPACT-AI with PD Dr. Dorothea Kaufmann of the Institute for Forensic Medicine at Heidelberg University Hospital

PD Dr. Dorothea Kaufmann will discuss a ground-breaking solution that combines forensics, training, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to assist in forensic examination and documentation.

MED1stMR – The Future of Medical First Responder Training with Markus Murtinger, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH and Dr. Daniela Weismeier-Sammer, Johanniter Austria.

Mass casualty incidents continue to increase in scope and number so our first responders need tools and training to be prepared. Murtinger and Weismeier-Sammer will discuss how mixed reality training technology is being used with high-fidelity patient simulation manikins and medical equipment to provide optimized training for people working in healthcare fields.

A Post-Pandemic Overview of the Immersive Healthcare Landscape and Market with Bob Fine, IVRHA

Robert Fine, Executive Director of the IVRHA, will present a “state of immersive healthcare market” that will include a review of the last two years and expectations for the next 18-24 months. Fine is in a unique position to give this presentation and will attend AWE on the heels of the IVHRA (International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association) conference happening in Finland on October 19-20.

For healthcare professionals, it’s a perfect pairing to attend the symposium and then AWE for a broader perspective of what’s going on with XR around the world.
State of the Art of Mental Health in VR with:

  • Tristan Gribbin, Flow
  • Simeone Scaramozzino, Transformative Tech Lab
  • Katalin Vikuk, Heka VR
  • Ari Billig, SyncVR

Immersive technologies are being used extensively now as a tool for mental health professionals in the assessment and treatment of various issues and conditions. Whether someone is using VR for mindfulness and relaxation, de-sensitization training for phobias, or therapy for social anxiety, there are countless benefits and also some challenges that will be discussed by this panel.

Image Credit: Eren Li via Pexels

XR in Medical Education: Evidence, Application, and the Road Ahead with Ruby Woodward of University of Cambridge and GigXR

Drawing from her research at Cambridge University and hands-on experience with GigXR, Dr. Ruby Woodward will introduce attendees to HoloScenarios, an application that creates hyperrealistic holographic simulations emulating high-risk acute medical scenarios. Woodward believes in the importance of aligning technological innovations with established medical principles and learning theories.

Similar to that talk, there are others on the agenda related to healthcare and medicine that aren’t necessarily on the Healthcare & Wellness track. If you’re able to attend, we recommend that you browse the agenda page and search for keywords that might be of interest as you create an agenda plan that best suits your needs.

Healthcare/Medical Exhibitors

One of the benefits of an in-person event is the ability to talk with representatives from the companies and usually you also have the opportunity to test the tech or try the various apps they’re building.

There are likely to be more exhibitors with the healthcare/medical tag added to the AWE EU 2023 website prior to the event, but here are some of the ones already listed. This list isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t include the many other booths related to hardware, education, retail, enablement tools, etc.

About AWE

AWE EU 2023 will take place in Vienna, Austria at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) on October 24-25. In addition to the Healthcare and Wellness track, there are ten additional distinct agenda tracks covering areas of the industry such as enterprise, start-ups & investors, gaming & entertainment, and AI & virtual beings.

You can register for AWE EU 2023 here. Use the code SPKR23D for a 20% discount off regular ticket prices (excludes VIP tickets).

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