ASUS F555LA- AB31 15.6” Laptop Review – A 2021 Deep Dive

Laptops are our portable solution for work, school, and productivity. So many people use them to supplement or even replace their desktops. You can’t do all your digital chores on your phone, so the portable performance of a laptop delivers us the ability to get things done on the go.

The tech star, ASUS, has plenty of laptop options on the market. Since 1989 they’ve been working in the tech industry and pushing boundaries in the world of computers. The F555LA has been out for a while, and you can tell by the 2,500+ reviews on Amazon that it’s a popular choice. ASUS strives to match function with affordability and bridge the gap between the two, thus providing consumers with better options. 

The F555LA delivers just that for the user with general and maybe some higher-level needs. It’s an intended multitasker that can handle just about anything you expect from daily use, and maybe a bit more. We decided to complete this ASUS F555LA review to explore all the details and features down to the microchip! 

Who’s It For?

We declared above that this laptop is intended for the general user. Specifically, the modern general user might expect to be able to multitask and work larger programs over a long period. Pre-installed with Windows 10 Home, the F555LA laptop will be able to handle all of your word processing, streaming, and standard needs. 

The average consumer’s typical laptop tasks will include web browsing, video streaming, photo uploading, downloading data, and document work. The ASUS F555LA can more than support these activities and more. 

This would be a great buy for the following types of customers:

  • Office workers requiring documentation abilities, video conferencing, and web researching. 
  • University students with needs of heavy note-taking, streaming, and uploading. 
  • Small business owners running e-commerce and customer relations. 
  • The heavy computer user with high needs for multiple program management

The person that appreciates mindful finishing touches and a mess-resistant finish will enjoy this laptop. With an anti-glare matte screen, you’ll spend less time wiping off greasy finger swipes. The modern circle-polished body is completely fingerprint-resistant and will reduce scratches and won’t hold on to smudges.

Fast processing and comfort features make this a laptop that you can work all day on. It would function excellently for a school student or office worker for these reasons. The auto-adjusting camera will be a useful feature for those requiring video conferencing and chatting at work or for personal needs. 

Though it’s an excellent choice for the standard user that even needs to do a bit more than normal, this laptop is not for everyone. People requiring more ability from a computer outside of average expectations will want to look elsewhere for a laptop. Such users will include heavy gamers (this computer has no gaming card), professional video and photo editors, or digital artists. 

The screen is a bit small to use, at 15.6”, for ultra-detailed visual work. Though the touchpad utilizes smart gesture input, the screen lacks touch-response. This feature is essential in some digital artwork. 

Also not for the compact-seekers, this laptop is quite large for its screen size of 15.6”. Some users even report that it outsizes their other 17” laptops. If you’re working with a small desk space or need a more compact option, this isn’t the one for you. Because of its size, this laptop is better used as a replacement for a desktop versus a travel computer. Your shoulders will thank you.

What We Like About ASUS F555LA- AB31 15.6” Laptop

ASUS F555LA- AB31 15.6

The F555LA comes in as a great choice for an affordable amped-up general-use laptop. We generally rank it as an excellent buy for people on a budget, yet needing consistent performance. At first glance, the design of this computer is quite pleasing. 

We appreciate the little touches included for increasing comfort and aesthetic:

  • IceCool Technology: ensures that the wrist and palm rest stays at a temperature that is comfortable to touch. No more roasting your hands as you type. 
  • Sleek and modern design with mess-proof body and screen finishes
  • Elevated dark body color gives this computer a hint of class

Smart-touch gestures go a long way in improving intuitive motions and productivity. Expanding from a single-touch ability, the F555LA incorporates multi-touch functions that feel natural and quickly become second nature during screen navigation. The touchpad is also well-placed so it doesn’t get in the way of a long typing session. It’s the little things that matter.

Easy to upgrade the memory. This laptop comes ready to beef up with an empty slot for RAM. With simple hatch access, you won’t be pulling a game of Operation when you open your computer up for this customization. You can obtain up to 12 GB of memory when you add more to your base model.

We really can’t say enough about the mess-proofing methods used in designing this computer. If you’re as bothered by blurry smudges and fingerprints that won’t wipe off, the ASUS F555LA will feel like a breath of fresh air. 

Aside from standard use, you’ll be able to put this laptop to work. Expect to be able to stream multiple services, perform web-development tasks, and use Adobe programs. A high-definition screen will provide some nice space to work with. Go ahead and blast the tunes, the speakers on this laptop will pleasantly surprise you with high-quality vibes. 

A few other positive points for us for the F555LA laptop:

  • Quality webcam
  • Burn and copy DVDs/CDs 
  • Ethernet cord with lots of WiFi speed
  • External video outputs for hooking up to TVs for extra streaming or sharing abilities

Unlike other budget ASUS laptops, the battery on the F555LA is pretty decent. You can expect a max of 7 hours of usage after a full charge. That will be plenty of time for a day of school or work

What We Don’t Like About ASUS F555LA- AB31 15.6” Laptop

There are some downsides worth mentioning about the ASUS F555LA laptop. Don’t skip over this section if you’re considering a purchase. It’s best to be completely aware and educated about the pros and cons before investing in a computer. 

Keep in mind your ultimate needs when it comes to computer functions and capabilities. If any of your necessities are disrupted by these downsides, that’s something to seriously consider!

Firstly, the included HDD is tricky to replace. It’s not as simple as the hatch access for RAM upgrades. You’ll have to disassemble the bottom of the laptop, so get out your headlamp and YouTube tutorials if you’re attempting this one. 

As with any product that is priced for affordability, you’re going to lose quality. The integrated RAM and HDD aren’t that great. As mentioned above, you can upgrade the RAM on your own, but HDD replacements might not be for the faint of heart. More on that RAM – you’ll only be able to add another 8GB into the empty slot. The included 4GB is not removable, and therefore not upgradable. 

You might lose some durability with the body of the laptop being made of plastic. Many users commented that the plastic construction wasn’t necessarily a con for them, as they found the anti-fingerprint finish made up for it. 

The included Windows 10 Home operating system will fit most needs. But, this computer also includes Intel VT, which unfortunately isn’t able to be run with Windows Home. 

Also of note is the size of this laptop. Though the 15” screen seems massive due to the bezel edges, the overall size of the computers seems large. The extra roomy width in the keyboard might be comfortable for people with larger hands but will feel too wide for smaller folks. The keyboard has a bit of flex to it and the keys might also take some very intentional clicking, as they aren’t overly responsive. 

Now, we’ll hammer down our top positives and negatives for this laptop by condensing the above descriptions into a shortlist. See the below bullet points to get a quick taste of what we like and don’t like about the ASUS F555LA laptop.

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  • Great performance for the price. You’ll be able to complete all standard uses plus some.
  • Easy to upgrade your RAM to score more memory if you have high storage needs.
  • The fingerprint-resistant body finish and matte screen
  • Built-in microphone and high-quality camera
  • Battery life is a good improvement from other budget buys from ASUS
  • Smart-gesture trackpad for quick intuitive motions


  • Size. You’ll get a nice screen-to-body ratio, but this laptop is pretty chunky.
  • The keyboard: might be wide for some users, has some flex to it, and the keys don’t respond well to light touches, which might occur during fast typing. There is also no backlighting on the keyboard.
  • No touchscreen abilities. But the multi-touch function trackpad might make up for this.
  • The laptop comes with an HDD instead of an SSD and if you want to do the upgrade yourself, it will be tricky.

What’s Included?

You might be wondering what all you’ll receive when you purchase this computer. It’s good to know what items come included so you’re aware of any extras you’ll need to purchase on the side. This laptop is ready to go out of the box, but there might be supplementary accessories you desire. 

With your purchase of the ASUS F555LA laptop, you’ll open up the box to find:

  • ASUS F555LA laptop
  • AC adaptor power supply
  • User e-manual for quick reference

Your computer will power up as soon as you plug it in. Make sure to give it a thorough charge before taking it out on the road. You’ll be able to utilize all functions of this laptop without needing any extra accessories. With the multitouch trackpad and web camera, you’re already set up for multitasking and video conferencing straight out of the box. 

There’s a huge world of computer accessories out there that you might want to explore to improve your computing experience. If you’re used to working on a desktop, you can find products to help replicate this setup, like a Bluetooth mouse and mousepad, a laptop stand to improve the height, and maybe external speakers (though the speakers on this laptop are high quality). 

Take note of the below items you might want to add to your computer setup:

  • A second monitor. You can hook up your laptop to extend your display to a second monitor to get the most of your multitasking actions.
  • Headphones – wired or Bluetooth. The laptop is capable of accommodating either type. 
  • Ethernet cord: To get faster internet speeds when you are set up at home. 
  • HDMI cable: to toss your display onto the TV for big-work mode, video streaming, or to feel like you are a giant. When you plug it up, the display will be able to handle resolutions topping at 3840 x 2160 pixels. 
  • USB mug warmer: ok, that’s a stretch, but we like our coffee warm and if your computer can help you do that, we say go for it. 

For employees and students that are hoping to use this laptop as a portable workstation, consider obtaining items to help protect the computer while you are traveling. Protective cases, soft or hardcover, a microfiber cloth for quick swiping, and maybe a zip case to stash your power cord. 

Some users like to attach small non-slip rubber feet to the bottom of their laptops to keep them slightly off surfaces for when you’re working at a coffee shop or conference table. This will go far in protecting your computer against latte spills and getting some circulation underneath for temperature regulation.

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Overview Of Features

ASUS F555LA- AB31 15.6

Now, let’s discuss the potatoes of it all – what are the features? If you like to know what’s buzzing inside that laptop of yours, this section is for you. 

Judge a book by its cover if you wish:

Here are the features of the aesthetic of the ASUS F555LA:

  • Dark grey lid with concentric circle design
  • Computer weight of 5.1 lbs
  • Computer dimensions: 10” x 15” x 1” (though users report that the laptop measures about 1.5” thick in real life)
  • The screen display of 15.6” with 1920×1080 pixel resolution

The brains of the operation:

  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • Two USB 3.0 ports
  • One USB 2.0 port
  • Windows 10 Home operating system
  • Optical drive: DVD/CD (you can read/write)
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Wireless type of 802.11ac with the ability to use 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time.
  • The average battery life of 6 hours
  • HDMI and VGA connectors externally 
  • Ethernet connection
  • 500 GB HDD hard drive
  • SD card reader

Now, what features fall short on this computer? 

  • You’ll need to purchase Microsoft Word separately, as it won’t come standard on this computer. 
  • You can easily upgrade the RAM through hatch access and by way of the empty slot
  • You can update the HDD to SSD if you want some more speed, but this task might take some skill. 

The memory capacity that’s included with the ASUS F555LA is quite standard when it comes to computers at this price point. You can easily add another 8GB of RAM through the empty slot, but you cannot remove the included 4GB of RAM. 

You won’t be able to add a gaming card to this laptop, so big gamers should look for other models of laptops to accommodate their hobby. 

Review Summary

The ASUS F555LA laptop is a solid option for the user that requires moderate to heavy use of standard actions. You can expect to be able to multitask easily with streaming, downloading, word processing, and more. If you’re thinking about purchasing this laptop, take care to review the pros and cons listed above. 

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to buying a computer. It can be a major investment and you certainly want to be sure you buy once, buy right. Predict the type of needs you’ll have to best direct you in your purchasing options. The ASUS F555LA is a great budget buy for almost every person, but most importantly, no fingerprints!


Q: Does the computer come with Microsoft Word? 

A: No, this program is not included on the laptop. If you’re a student you can get the program for a discount through Microsoft’s website. 

Q: Is the screen a touch screen?

A: No, there is no touch capability on the screen. 

Q: Can I replace the battery?

A: No, you won’t be able to remove and replace the battery. 

Q: Can I use headphones with this laptop?

A: Yes, you can plug in headphones via the headphone jack or utilize the Bluetooth capabilities with wireless headphones. 

Q: Can I upgrade this computer with a gaming card?

A: No, you won’t be able to at a GPU – Gaming Processing Unit – to the ASUS F555LA. If you’re looking for a dedicated gaming laptop, this won’t be the right computer for you. 

Q: Can I do video conferencing on this laptop?

A: Yes you can. Includes a built-in microphone and a webcam. You’ll be able to video chat, skype, conference with ease. 

Q: Is the keyboard backlit?

A: No, there is no lightning on the keyboard. This may make it difficult to use in dark conditions and there won’t be any light to indicate Caps or Num Lock! However, the screen display is quite bright so this might not be an issue for you. 

Q: Can you edit photos on this computer?

A: Yes, this laptop is capable of running photo and video editing software, like Adobe. You’ll be able to multitask well. 

Q: How does this laptop do for gaming?

A: Light gaming will function just fine. If you’re looking for a computer that can handle heavy-duty gaming that will need high-resolution and smooth frame rates, you should look for a computer with an actual GPU, or Gaming Processor Unit, aka gaming card. 

Q: Is this a good portable laptop?

A: This wouldn’t be the best choice for a highly portable laptop. It’s far from compact and weighs 5lbs. There are much lighter and slimmer options out there if portability is key for you. 

Q: Can I use the internet with this laptop?

A: Easily. The ASUS F555LA can obtain the internet through wired Ethernet access or WiFi connection. 

Q: How is the battery life?

A: The battery life on this laptop is moderate. At most, you’ll be able to get 7+ hours on a full charge. On average, you’re looking at around 5 hours. Other designs can last 14 hours, so comparatively, it isn’t impressive.

Q: Can I burn CDs?

A: Yes you can! This laptop includes a CD/DVD drive where you can both read and write. Some related tasks you could conduct with this computer would be: burning music mixes onto CDs, creating video montages on DVDs, and of course playing movies or using CDs for storage. 

Q: How is customer service?

A: ASUS offers 24/7 customer service. You should not have a problem getting a hold of a technician to help you troubleshoot any computer issues you’re having. 

Q: Where are these computers made?

A: ASUS is a worldwide known brand that is based out of Taiwan. They employ over 17,000 people and the computers are manufactured outside of the US. 

Q: What is the warranty on the ASUS F555LA laptop?

A: This laptop will come equipped with a 1-year limited warranty

Q: Is a charger included in the box?

A: Yes, you will receive a charger with your purchase of the laptop. 

Q: How much RAM can be installed?

A: The max capacity of RAM is 12GB. The 4GB that comes with the base model cannot be removed, and the empty slot can accommodate an 8GB card. 

Q: What type of manual comes with this computer?

A: You’ll receive a paper manual (with a very small type) and access to an e-manual. 

Q: How are the speakers on this laptop?

A: The audio output is great on this laptop. Many users were surprised by the quality of the speakers and sound. 

Q: How is the screen quality?

A: Screen quality is excellent. The display measures 15.6” but feels much larger due to the bezel edges. The HD resolution is high-quality and will display movies and videos extremely well. Even when hooking up to a TV or external monitor for a larger display, it will still look great. 

Q: Can I exchange the HDD for SDD?

A: Yes you can, but it will take a practiced hand. You can research this method in user tutorials or outsource this job to a professional for a fee. 

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