Asus C423NA Chromebook Review – A 2021 Deep Dive

A Deep Dive Into The Asus C423NA Chromebook

Chromebook is a laptop or tablet that utilizes the Linux-based Chrome operating system. It is designed to conduct many Google Chrome browser-based tasks with applications and data accessible from the cloud instead of being stored on the device.

The first Chromebook came out in 2011 and its popularity has grown over the years. Since late 2017, Chromebooks have been upgraded to run Android apps as well as Linux.

Asus has been making Chromebooks since May 2016 with the Chromebook Flip. In October 2018, Asus released the C423NA Chromebook, a budget laptop that is also capable of running Android Apps.

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Weighing in at 1.2 kg and measuring 22.8 x 32.2 x 1.6 cm, the display is a 14-inch HD with a Nano-Edge design – 78% screen-to-body ratio – means narrower borders and more display surface giving the appearance of a high-end looking laptop for a reasonable price.

The display’s resolution is 1,366 x 768. The preference may be for 1,080 resolution but the price may be closer to your budget and there isn’t a significant viewing loss.

The screen is coated with a matte anti-glare preventing the distraction of reflections that could make it difficult to view the screen.

The ultra-slim and attractive design of the Asus C423 is powered by a 1.1 GHz dual-core Celeron N3350 processor with a turbo boost of up to 2.4GHz plus 2MB of cache so the processor will keep up with your regular tasks like internet surfing and streaming videos.

The processor will easily run most Android apps that are offered via the Play Store.

The C423NA comes with plenty of RAM (4GB) and eMMC storage (32 GB) for the price. Plenty of storage space for your documents, photos, and videos in addition to daily tasks. Additional storage is available with the built-in microSD card slot plus another 15GB of free Chrome OS cloud storage.

Due to cloud storage, you can keep less stored on your Chromebook. The Android apps do need to be saved on the device’s internal storage.

A unique feature of this Chromebook is that it can be opened flat thanks to its durable 180-degree hinge. The battery life is up to 10 hours of use on a single charge giving you a Chromebook that works all day.

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The various connectivity of Asus C423 includes two USB 3.1 ports and two USB Type-C ports. The latter port is quite important as all computers are being upgraded

  • Transfer 2GB of data in under two seconds
  • Charge the Chromebook
  • Either lead can be inserted into the port unlike the inconvenience of its predecessor requiring one direction insertion

Who’s It For?

This Chromebook is great for the person who wishes to have a laptop for internet browsing, streaming movies, and storing personal files including pictures and videos.

This Chromebook is for one of the financially modest needs. This lightweight laptop is great for professionals and students and those who travel often.

Gamers and Linux users app users will find this laptop does not have the power and speed that is expected from a laptop that is capable of more performance nor is it constructed out of a metal unibody and does not offer a clearer display screen.

For those who want a more rugged laptop or a touchscreen, Asus C423NA is not the choice.

What We Like About Asus C423NA Chromebook

A simple and modern appearance with accurate screen colors. The anti-glare surface of the display compensates for the screen’s dimness in bright light. A thin bezel around the display maximizes the screen space available.

For traveling this computer is a bit heavier in comparison to other laptops in the same price range, with the exception that this Asus has a larger screen resolution (1920×1080).

This laptop feels more solid for its size. The keyboard is similar to the old machine, the trackpad responds quickly and smoothly. A suitable laptop for lightweight daily computing tasks.

Compatible with Google Play for downloading Android apps and games.

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What We Don’t Like About Asus C423NA Chromebook

When turning on the laptop it is slow to turn on even when it is new. Be careful not to repeatedly press the power button as that will not speed up the powering on, more likely the device will be turned off. It’s just slow and there are no indicator lights to inform the user that it is in the process of turning on.

Slow connection to WiFi and in loading websites. The processor lags making it frustrating and unsuitable for multitaskers. Customers have reported navigating Android apps and the Chrome system has been frustrating.

Lacks an HDMI port so you need to buy a dongle or dock to use a second monitor. When charging the Chromebook there is one less available USB port.

The screen is very dim. The lack of an IPS impedes angle viewing. The full brightness drains the battery even faster. The speakers sound tinny.

The 4GB of RAM is hardly enough for current computer needs.

Customers have reported the laptop stopped charging after a few days of purchase. Although Asus C423NA is made from metal it feels like plastic and the keys feel cheap.


  • Great price
  • Type-C connectivity
  • Android Apps
  • NanoEdge technology
  • Battery life – 10 hours from a single charge


  • Slow in powering up and WiFi connectivity
  • No IPS

What’s Included?

  • 14-inch full HD Nano Edge non-touchscreen display laptop
  • Small wired mouse
  • Leather-trimmed sleeve
  • Slightly-padded slipcover

Overview Of Features

Asus C423NA Chromebook includes the following:

CPU: Intel Celeron N3350 Processor
DISPLAY: Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution Nano Edge construction with a non-touchscreen LED-backlit
PORTS: Two USB-C, Two USB-A, One microSD, One 3.5mm headphone jack
BATTERY: 2-cell 38 Wh
WIRELESS: WiFi 802.11ac, 11 Dual Band Wireless-AC 2×2 WLAN + Bluetooth 4 0 integrated
VIDEO OUTPUTS: DisplayPort over USB-c

This model will receive updates from Google until June 2024.

Review Summary

Asus C423NA is a great-looking modestly-priced 14-inch Chromebook with enough memory and storage for average daily tasks.

Powered by an Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz processor and an Intel HD Graphics 500 video adapter (no dedicated video memory) is compatible with Android Apps.

Includes a built-in microSD memory card reader for digital photography, and 2 full-size and 2 type-C USB ports. weighs 2.7 lbs. It’s backed by a 12-month warranty, with 12 months of free tech telephone support.

Buying Guide

You are ready to look for a new laptop. You are in the store and there are so many choices. They all look great and they seem to offer a lot of the same features. Is there a big difference between these laptops? How do you know?

Here are a few tips to help you to avoid common mistakes that people make when laptop shopping:

1.The Cheapest is the Best Deal

There are many reasonably priced laptops to buy, but not all of them offer features you absolutely need. For example, one laptop includes a dual-core processor and another one offers a faster quad-core processor that will handle a larger load of apps. You choose the less expensive dual-core processor but now your work is slowed down considerably.

You saved money but lost time investing in a slower processor, creating a frustrating daily computer experience. In this scenario, the expression “time is money” would apply. Spending a little bit more money will give you savings in other ways for the long-term use of your laptop.

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2. Higher Price Equals Higher Quality

Even if you have the money to throw at the jam-packed laptop with all the bells and whistles, consider if you are really going to use every single feature. Perhaps there is a less expensive device that will give you all the features you need without having to empty your bank.

If you buy a gaming laptop but you really don’t play games that require all these features so why throw so much money?

3. Techie Trend Follower

For your computer needs, do you really need access to the latest of every tech update as soon as it is available? Whatever laptop you choose is intended for use for a few years.

The immediate gratification to access every tech as soon as advertised is an expensive undertaking. Sometimes a new tech needs a couple of generation upgrades before its performance is solid and reliable. By the time you need a new laptop in a few years that tech will offer more satisfaction and be within your budget.

Other considerations, like storage, should be considered for the long term. Better to begin with 128 GB of storage without needing to add external storage drives, which would be necessary with 4GB of RAM which would mean more money and clutter with extra devices.

4. Compatibility

When purchasing a laptop nowadays you have to keep up with the ongoing upgrades and changes each new model brings to the market. For example, USB-C ports are showing up in the newer laptops as well as microSD cards. Some laptops are discontinuing to include the earlier device ports so don’t get stuck. Buy the right equipment or adapters

5. Resolution

Are you thinking the same logic for the screen resolution as we discussed above, about more money means a better laptop?

Again, not necessarily. A 4K display is the latest upgrade and it is a great feature unless you are choosing a laptop with a smaller screen instead of a gaming laptop (with a large screen) where a 4K display is an awesome addition to the experience.

This feature is also a battery drain. It’s nice to want it, but do you really need it? A 1080 resolution is reasonable for daily use and has a modest budget.

6. Test Run

Most stores that sell laptops keep one model on display not just for looking, you can actually test drive them. Use the touchpad and keyboard to determine responsiveness. Navigate the software interface and check the screen’s visibility in daylight among other aspects of the laptops. Take your time to compare while you’re at the store before you make your final informed decision.

If you buy from an online store then make certain it comes with a reliable return policy and stay on top of the time frame if you have to return it.

7. Size matters

Depending on your needs, the size will definitely matter when choosing the right laptop. If you travel then you want portability at the top of the list. That will mean a lightweight, smaller screen, keyboard, and trackpad. Are you a gamer? Then a larger display and 4K resolution is everything but is not as portable.

Be clear on your regular needs from a laptop and you will choose the right laptop.

8. How important is that feature, really!

It’s understandable to find a particular feature or specification to be important – a must-have – however, as the saying goes, “don’t lose the forest for the trees.” Make sure your primary concerns are addressed when researching other laptop features you want rather than need.

An example of “less is more” let’s talk about storage. Do you really need 128GB when 8GB might suffice for your day-to-day computing needs? Any savings means money for something else – splurge on you or a loved one. Most people are on a frugal budget so a balance of all the necessary features is the best way to go.

9. Underestimating the laptops’ power

Not all laptops are created equal. A lightweight and small laptop have a lot of benefits – low price, portability, can fit into a backpack. Exactly what an average person would be happy to use daily.

However, professionals need a workstation-class level of a computer. Portable laptops won’t fit the bill unless additional features can be added or already incorporated to meet a wider array of performance.

9. Is there a difference between tablets, 2-in-1, and laptops

Many people think all tablets, 2-in-1, and laptops are interchangeable. They are not. Do your research to find out each device’s limitations. For starters, remember the smaller the device the smaller the keyboard which will hamper your typing speed, web browsing efficiency, and multitasking.

Tablets and 2-in-1s do not – and cannot – do everything that a laptop can do. What you think you saved with these smaller devices may mean losing more than you bargained.



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