Apple’s 2024 iPad Line Could Feature a Landscape Selfie Camera

Apple’s iPad 10th gen (review) arrived with an overhauled design that incorporated a landscape front-facing camera, which was the first of its kind on an iPad. A fresh rumor speculated this design could be adopted in the upcoming iPad models from the company, including the new iPad Air and OLED iPad Pro which are expected to be revealed soon.

Is Apple switching to a landscape selfie camera on upcoming iPads?

According to a Weibo post from Chinese leaker Instant Digital, also known as Setsuna, Apple’s 2024 iPad Air tablet, which will arrive in two sizes, will feature a front camera located on its longer side, similar to the current iPad 10. The account cited a tempered glass supplier as the information source.

It didn’t mention whether the OLED iPad Pro will feature 11-inch or 13-inch models that will also use the new landscape front camera. For all we know, these iPad Pros will continue to rely on Face ID as the sole form of biometric authentication in addition to the selfie camera. Hence, both components will likely be relocated in case Apple switches to the landscape location on these iPads.

Will we see the iPad 2024 adopt a similar landscape camera?
The Apple iPad 2022 is the first Apple tablet to feature a landscape selfie camera. Will Apple adopt it on the 2024 iPad Air and iPad Pro? / © nextpit

However, this is not the first time we have heard of such an instance. Earlier in January this year, there were hints in an iPadOS 17.4 firmware that pointed out Apple may support FaceID and its functionalities in landscape orientation on an iPad. It was believed the codes referred to the upcoming iPad Pro considering it is the only device in the current lineup that features FaceID.

The design change on iPad tablets would make sense after all as most of the time, these devices used in landscape mode when docked on a keyboard or stand. Other manufacturers, such as Samsung with the Galaxy S9 tablets, have already shifted to horizontally-placed selfie cameras on most of their large tablets.

In addition to the new iPad Air and iPad Pro, Apple is also expected to announce a new catalog of Apple accessories including a next-generation Pencil and Magic Keyboard to pair with these iPads.

Do you think a repositioned selfie camera or FaceID is logical for users? Do you still prefer this sensor in its original location? We’d like to hear your opinion.

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