Apple Watch Series 9 is Cheaper Than Ever Today at 20% Less

If you’re planning to upgrade your smartwatch ahead of your spring run or hike, Apple’s latest smartwatches are now on sale during Amazon’s spring sale. Particularly, the new Watch Series 9 has one variant fall to its new low price at $319 from $399, which is the best we’ve seen.

The deal applies to the GPS-only Watch Series 9 in 41 mm silver aluminum case matched with a blue sport band that fits for small to medium wrists. Other finishes are discounted at $329, which is still just shy from the record low. Regardless of the color you’re picking, keep in mind that you can swap the wrist strap.

Apple Watch Series 9 offers plenty of upgrades under the hood

Apple didn’t change much the Watch Series 9 (review) from the Watch Series 8 or Watch Series 7 in exterior, which is for good reason, considering how Apple’s watches design has become iconic.

However, the biggest changes are found internally and in usability. The Watch Series 9 features a new Apple S9 SiP (System-in-Package) chipset. This enables the new feature Double Tap that utilizes fingers gesture when doing the main actions on the watch.

At the same time, the chipset supports offline Siri voice command and processes while also improving the accuracy of the assistant and the overall health and fitness tracking features.

Apple Watch Series 9 display in detail
The Apple Watch Series 9 didn’t get massive changes, but is still one of the most advanced smartwatches for those in the Apple ecosystem. / © nextpit

While unchanged at the outside, the Watch Series 9 has a very bright display that beats the Android smartwatch competition. This peaks at 2000 nits, which very useful in outdoor use especially during sunny conditions. Even better, this is quite useful as a flashlight as well.

Despite the speedy processor and brighter panel, you can also expect the same battery life on the Watch Series 9 compared to the previous model. Apple rates it with 18-hour battery life in smartwatch mode, but you can extend that further if you apply battery saving measures life low power mode.

Which of the Watch Series 9 would you find the most useful? Tell us in the comments.

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