Android 15 Introduces Audio Sharing Feature for Multiple Headphones

Google recently unveiled the second developer preview version of Android 15, showcasing an array of new features that expand the capabilities of the Android system. Among these updates is the introduction of an innovative audio-sharing functionality that allows users to share media with others using their compatible headphones.

Android 15 Audio Sharing

New “Audio Sharing” Menu in Android 15 Settings

In this latest version of the Android operating system, a new “Audio Sharing” menu has made its debut within the “Connected Devices” section of the Settings application. Upon accessing this menu, users are presented with a “Share Audio” switch and a “Play Test Sound” option. Clicking on the latter initiates a brief ringtone to confirm the proper connection of all headphones. Additionally, a “Stream settings” text is visible below, although it currently does not display any content.

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Bluetooth Auracast Technology and Future Implications

This feature, although not fully functional at present, should have links to the Bluetooth Auracast technology. Auracast enables a single transmitter, such as a mobile phone or computer, to broadcast audio simultaneously to multiple headphones and speakers. This advancement in Bluetooth technology holds significant promise, allowing for various applications like facilitating group listening experiences, aiding individuals with hearing impairments or enabling language interpretation services.

Android 15’s emphasis on audio sharing signifies a step towards enhancing user experiences and expanding the functionality of Bluetooth connectivity. While the feature is still in development and not fully operational in the current version, its potential to revolutionize media sharing across multiple devices is evident.


In conclusion, the introduction of audio-sharing capabilities in Android 15 represents a significant leap forward in the realm of mobile device connectivity and user interaction. As Google continues to refine this feature and integrate it seamlessly into the Android ecosystem, users can anticipate a more immersive and collaborative audio experience, where sharing music, videos, and other media becomes effortless and enjoyable for all.

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