Amazon just turned the Nothing Phone (2) into a bargain upgrade

For anyone looking to swap out their old phone for a newer model, you’ll definitely want to check out this Nothing Phone (2) price cut.

Nothing’s long awaited successor is a fantastic phone and was already easy to recommend at the full whack of £629, but in its ongoing Spring Deal Days sale, Amazon has just brought the price down to a far more tempting £519.

At that price, the Nothing Phone (2) is far more competitively priced against similar mid-range handsets like the Pixel 7a and the Galaxy A54.

Even though it maintains its image as a mid-range phone, the Phone (2) is still the most premium feeling product that Nothing has ever put out. Starting with the now iconic design that Nothing has opted for, there are very few phones on the market quite as eye-catching as the Phone (2).

Limited time Nothing Phone (2) offer

Limited time Nothing Phone (2) offer

The Nothing Phone (2) was already a great handset at full price, but now it’s an even better upgrade thanks to this hefty price cut from Amazon.

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  • Was £629
  • Now just £519

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Utilising Nothing’s glyph system on the rear, the Nothing Phone (2) is able to communicate various bits of information simply through flashing lights. For instance, a small glowing line lets you know how far along the phone is in charging, while all of the glyphs can be used to let you know when someone is calling.

It’s all structured with the intent of making the user spend less time looking at their phone, which is probably something that can be appreciated by those who want to reduce the time spent mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Nothing also incorporates its stylish design philosophy into the UI of the Phone (2), with a very clean take on Android where everything feels intentional. 

The cameras are also much improved from the Phone (1), with Mobiles Editor Lewis Parker writing in his 4.5-star review: “In well-lit environments, the snaps are detailed, vivid and packed with light, thanks in part to the pixel-binning tech used by the sensor. I can simply point and snap without having to worry.”

This is all before mentioning the gorgeous 6.7-inch OLED display on the phone itself, which is a joy to use for watching content on the go and editing pictures. There’s just a lot to love about the Nothing Phone (2), and even more so when it’s so massively reduced.

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