Akko OnePiece Calligraphy 5108S review

For writers, the quest for the perfect typing tool is unending, yet the mechanical keyboard often emerges as the undisputed champion for boosting productivity. Its tactile feedback revolutionizes the typing experience, outshining traditional keyboards.

My journey through various brands led me to the Akko keyboard, generously provided by Akko for review. The OnePiece-themed Calligraphy 5108S special edition is not just a keyboard; it’s a tribute to the beloved anime.

Adorned with intricately carved OnePiece characters, pirate flags, and a unique font, this mechanical keyboard is not only a functional masterpiece but also a collector’s dream for any OnePiece enthusiast.

It’s a wired keyboard with solid key switches, a compact layout, and eye-grabbing RGB lighting. I put it on the test to check out whether it’s worthy of being one of the best mechanical keyboards on my list.


  • Sturdy chassis with OnePiece-themed design
  • Solid PBT keycaps
  • Mesmerizing customizable RGB lighting
  • Marvellous typing experience
  • Pleasing sound
  • Dedicated programming software


  • No Hot Swap support
  • Slightly heavy 


The unboxing experience with Akko’s OnePiece Calligraphy 5108S special edition mechanical keyboard was a good one. The one thing I liked about the special edition is- you get everything from the keyboard to the box which is fully customized with the special edition theme. My first impression of the OnePiece Calligraphy 5108S mechanical keyboard was great – It feels sturdy and slightly heavy.


  • 100% layout
  • OnePiece-themed PBT keycaps
  • Sturdy build with no flex

Akko opts out with a 100% layout design for the OnePiece Calligraphy 5108S mechanical keyboard that enables good functionality. It has a sturdy plastic chassis build that feels solid and slightly heavy with no flex. Finished in the signature grey color on the sides, looks quite attractive and premium. 

The 100% layout did feel quite large but it gives you entire control under your hands from the number pad, alphabetical keys, and additional function keys, to F series keys. However, I’m a fan of 65% which makes me quite comfortable while using but some people still prefer 100%. If you are a big space saver then this keyboard isn’t your thing. As for dimensions, the OnePiece Calligraphy 5108S measures 442 x 132 x 41mm (17 inches) and weighs approximately 1.5kg- as I already mentioned above the keyboard did feel slightly heavy in hand.

The Akko Calligraphy 5108S is a marvel of engineering, boasting PBT material keycaps with Akko’s proprietary CS Sakura switches. These switches offer a smooth and tactile experience, far surpassing the durability and feel of the ABS plastic found in standard entry-level gaming keyboards.

Akko’s meticulous use of Dye Sublimation printing technology brings every detail to life on these switches. From the intricate OnePiece characters and symbols to the Japanese texts, each element is exquisitely carved, adding a unique flair to the keyboard. The striking three-color palette of yellow, white, and grey not only enhances the keyboard’s aesthetic but also pays homage to the OnePiece universe.

The space bar, featuring OnePiece’s main character, Luffy, in an aggressive stance, and highlighted with the series’ name in bold red Japanese script, radiates the essence of pirate adventures. Complementing this is the enter key, finished in an iconic yellow with the OnePiece logo, adding a striking touch to this exceptional keyboard.

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