AI and Qi2 charging come to iPhone with AnkerWork’s S600 MagSafe speakerphone

iPhone feels like the forgotten platform when it comes to the AI boom, with most left hanging on tenterhooks for Apple to make its big AI announcement later this year. However, some aren’t willing to wait, and are taking the lead on delivering accessories packed with impressive AI features and the latest Qi2 wireless charging tech, all by themselves. In this instance, that ‘some’ is Anker, and that accessory is the AnkerWork S600.

AnkerWork S600 Speakerphone, AI-powered audio capture and noise cancellation MagSafe compatable and Qi2 wireless charging speakerphone from AnkerWorks, a sub brand of Anker.

(Image credit: AnkerWork)

AnkerWork S600: A tower of power

AnkerWork may be the workplace-focused, productivity sub brand of popular accessory and charger manufacturer Anker, but what it has developed in the S600 stands tall as a device any iPhone user could make fantastic use of.

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