5 Best iOS Apps You Must Try in November 2023

There are over 1.8 million apps available on the Apple App Store alone. This figure discounts the apps available via sideload and other methods. An average user might never exceed 100 apps on their phones in a lifetime which often means the potential of some really useful apps is often overlooked. We have been listing out some of the useful and best apps you would find on the App Store such as read our October 2023 edition. If you are already familiar with the previous month’s list, read along to know our take on the five best and most useful apps you must try on iOS this month.

Spark Mail

Spark Mail - 5 Best iOS Apps You Must Try in November 2023

If you are someone who gets unprecedented emails from multiple personal and professional accounts, Spark Mail is ideal for them. One of the best email clients out there, Spark Mail gets you to import emails from various email services and accounts onto a single dashboard. It has a smart filtering system that organizes emails based on importance that you can alter. It has a Spark +AI writing assistant that lets you compose perfect emails instantly.

Spark Mail keeps your inbox neat, puts high-priority emails on top, and creates groups for notifications and newsletters that you can deal with on a collective basis. It lets you share files larger than 25MB via the cloud and keeps your emails encrypted throughout for maximum security.

Download: Spark Mail


MoneyCoach - 5 Best iOS Apps You Must Try in November 2023

As daily expenses and inflation are up the roof nowadays, Having strong financial habits is important. MoneyCoach is an app that lets you track your spending and that’s just a gist of it. The app lets you track expenses, incomes, and much more and segregates them into categories such as food, travel, etc. The app lets you build smart budgets that can help you reach a certain financial goal in a certain period.

The app has live exchange rates should you be tracking multiple currencies. It is super fast when it comes to tracking your transactions and viola, it gets you intuitive reports to understand your financial standing. You can buy a subscription to get add-ons such as priority support, advanced filtering, reports, multi-currency support, etc.

Download: MoneyCoach

White Noise+

White Noise+ - 5 Best iOS Apps You Must Try in November 2023

People are stressed out. Be it study, work, relationships or whatever you might be worried about, a few minutes of relaxing and meditation can help you a tonne. White Noise+ is, as the name suggests, a white noise generator that lets you relax. You can be meditating, sleeping or simply lying on your couch and this app will teleport you to a different place clad with soothing music and distinct sound effects such as a riverfront near a waterfall or a forest with rain drizzling all around you.

Simply drag the sound icon, change the intensity of the effects from low to high, and voila, the desired white noise is ready to transform you from one place to another without moving an inch.

Download: White Noise+

LookUp Dictionary

LookUp Dictionary - 5 Best iOS Apps You Must Try in November 2023

Building a strong vocabulary enhances communications skills and how you can express yourself better. LookUp Dictionary is an innovative approach to dictionaries that puts you across English words, their meaning, pronunicaitions, examples in sentences, visual cues and much more.

The app supports 20+ languages to english giving you a much rich context on what the words actually means. It’s Learn Tab has quizzes that you can take to hone your english proficiency for exams such as SAT, GRE, TOEFL among others. Participate in ‘Word of the Day’ to learn something new every day.

Download: LookUp Dictionary


JustFit - 5 Best iOS Apps You Must Try in November 2023

Do you want to lose weight, tone your muscles a bit, or gain muscles but don’t want to get into the hassle of going to an actual gym? Well, JustFit is an app for you. It is a virtual fitness coach that gives you exercises and workouts from head to toe that you can use for better health and well-being. JustFit gives you easy-to-follow lessons that you can perform at home and without any equipment. These are workouts for beginners which is probably you who might be procrastinating going to a gym, right?

Download: JustFit

Wrapping Up!

We just concluded our take on five apps that you must try this month on your iPhone. Of course, these apps aren’t even scratching the surface of the 1.8 million apps available on the App Store alone but hey, we are finding the best from the haystack so that you don’t have to scour the depths and instead, give these apps a shot.

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