10 most underrated The Office episodes ever, ranked

The Office is one of the most binge-watched shows ever made, so many people likely know every episode of this series by heart, both good and not so good.

While plenty of episodes aren’t as beloved or discussed a sother, particularly those that came after Michael left, some still deliver plenty of laughs and tender moments that make them worth a rewatch. For this reason, viewers should stop to appreciate these 10 episodes of The Office during their next run-through of the show.

10. The Incentive

Andy screaming in "The Office."

In this episode, new regional manager Andy tries to boost productivity by offering gifts to those who sell enough. However, he gets more than he bargains for when he offers to get a tattoo on the “stern of the old S.S. Bernard,” and the office quickly reaches its goal.

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The Incentive may have rehashed ideas from previous episodes, but it still delivers a hilarious and entertaining story that climaxes with Andy getting the tattoo and finally stepping up to prove himself as a leader.

9. Free Family Portrait Studio

Dwight and a female photographer in "The Office."

Season 8 was a rough time for The Office, as the show struggled to keep things going without Michael as manager. However, this season finale does many things right by getting rid of Robert California, bringing back David Wallace, and giving Andy the chance to reclaim his manager position from Nellie.

Also, how is it possible not to love Angela getting into a high-speed chase with Dwight after he steals a baby’s full diaper? Props to Jim for that tearaway suit prank, by the way.

8. Stairmageddon

Stanley wearing a helmet in "The Office."

Audiences thought Dwight couldn’t be any more radical after nine seasons. But this episode proves that he was holding back when he knocks out Stanley with tranquilizer darts to make him go on a sales call. As he lugs Stanley’s unconscious body all the way to the meeting Evil Knievel-style, audiences can’t help but laugh and enjoy seeing him grow closer to Clark.

It also shows Jim and Pam attending some much-needed therapy after their rough ninth season, and Angela and Oscar’s relationship with Senator Lipton achieves a shaky but funny resolution.

7. The Farm

Oscar, Dwight and the Schrute family at a funeral in "The Office."

When Dwight’s Aunt Shirley passes away, he and his family gather at the funeral and debate whether or not they should all stay on the farm and inherit the property. This episode may have failed to launch a spinoff show for Dwight, and it may not be a traditional Office episode, but it still showed Dwight and his family at their weirdest and funniest.

It also injected some heartwarming pathos as Dwight bonds with his nephew Sammy, setting him up to be a father later in the season. Likewise, the subplot involving Todd Packer achieves a hilarious payoff when he drugs most of the office with cupcakes, with Andy and Kevin having their own little version of The Hangover together.

6. Lice

Dwight and Erin in "The Office."

As Pam struggles with Jim away from home, she accidentally brings her daughter’s lice into the office, throwing everything into chaos. From there, Dwight and Erin take charge and try to control the outbreak in their own unique way (with Dwight bug-bombing himself by accident in one of season 9’s funniest moments).

It also gives Meredith a moment to shine as she fearlessly shaves her head when everyone accuses her of bringing in lice, with Pam expressing admiration for her as a single mother and forming an unlikely bond with her.

5. Moroccan Christmas

Andy playing a sitar in "The Office."

In one of Dunder Mifflin’s many Christmas parties gone wrong, a drunken Meredith sets her hair on fire, and Michael hosts an intervention with everyone in the office.

It’s sweet and funny to see Michael try to help Meredith in his own misguided way, more so the latter when he drags her into rehab. It’s also nice to see Phyllis give Angela a taste of her own medicine for a change as the head of the party planning committee.

4. Koi Pond

Michael in a koi pond in "The Office."

When Michael and Jim go to meet with a client, the former embarrasses himself when he falls into a koi pond. Michael fails to diffuse all his employees’ jokes directed toward him, causing more mocking around the office rather than stopping it. And though he tries to laugh at himself for a change, he goes too far and realizes how depressing his life has really been.

The show’s classic formula is here, as Michael once again tries to make his office do things his way. However, Michael is forced to grow up as he acknowledges his flaws and peels away the layers of his narcissism. It also features the unusual pairing of Pam and Andy as cold call clients mistake them for a married couple.

3. Money

Michael screaming in "The Office."

“I … declare … BANKRUPTCY!” After learning Dwight has opened a bed and breakfast at Schrute Farms, Jim and Pam spend a night there and immerse themselves in the weird world that spawned their odd co-worker.

The episode also goes outside Dunder Mifflin as Michael works a second job to support Jan, who consoles him in a rare moment of compassion from her toxic character. Jim and Dwight also share a similar moment as the latter tries to get his rival through his breakup with Angela, setting them both up to become good friends later in the series.

2. Murder

Dwight and Michael pointing imaginary guns at each other in "The Office."

Opening with Dwight using his martial arts moves on himself, this episode has Michael host a murder mystery party to keep everyone’s minds off the company’s financial troubles. But when the situation grows more worrisome, Michael only tries harder to keep the game going for his co-workers.

As a result, this is one of the few episodes in which Michael is actually a good boss. It also includes a cute subplot showing Andy and Erin’s growing romance and some hilarious moments as everyone gets into their murder mystery characters.

1. Branch Wars

Jim, Dwight, and Michael in "The Office."

After getting dumped by Jim, Karen returns to get Stanley to join her branch in Utica, and Michael refuses to lose him. Naturally, he and Dwight try to sabotage Utica, and Jim reluctantly tags along so they won’t get someone hurt or themselves arrested.

However, Michael and Dwight only succeed in hurting themselves by crushing themselves with a copier, displaying the kind of hysterical antics that they can get into without adult supervision. Oh, and Dwight circumcises himself with a soda can, so there’s that.

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